Nakanishi Chinshoen

The Kinashi Bonsai Sato, or Kinashi Bonsai District is located just outside of Takamatsu-City, Kagawa Prefecture. It is a 15-minute drive from downtown Takamatsu to Kinashi Bonsai District. Bonsai, or the creation of "small nature" , is the cultivation of beautiful potted pine trees for display and enjoyment in homes. Bonsai was inspired by the love of the land and the views of the beautiful pines growing wild on the rocky coastline. About 200 years ago bonsai artists began to cultivate "small nature" in the form of the miniature bonsai trees. This garden, at the center of Kinashi Bonsai Sato, was established 100 years ago. The Kinashi Bonsai District has continued to be a leader in the earnest study of Bonsai trees. We have a deep love for Bonsai and feel extremely honored to be able to carry on the tradition of this district and of our family. We are the 4th and 5th generations of our family to undertake the art of Bonsai. We would like to see the love and appreciation of Bonsai spread throughout the world.

Teruaki Nakanishi 4th generation Bonsai artisan
Yoichi Nakanishi 5th generation Bonsai artisan


Business hours 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Address 148sato kinashi takamatsu kagawa Japan
Tel 0081-87-882-0526
Fax 0081-87-882-9578

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